Dubrovnik - a living monument

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Dubrovnik City- Luxury Croatia Retreats (3)

Old town and harbor of Dubrovnik

This pearl of the Adriatic is located in the very south of Croatia. Dubrovnik is its name and you have surely heard of it. It is the center of the Dubrovnik- Neretva County.

For many, the most beautiful but certainly the most popular destination for a large number of tourists. In just a few days, Dubrovnik can offer you numerous adventures and experiences.


This is a city that has a mild Mediterranean climate, the number of sunny days exceeds 250 and good outdoor fun is guaranteed. The period from May to mid-September is considered the peak of the season. If you decide to visit it in August, be prepared for an crowded place and high temperatures. Many people decide on dates in April as well as the second half of September  precisely because of the above-average temperature and the smaller number of tourists.

With numerous natural beauties, historical sights, cultural and sports events and galleries and museums, embark on a wonderful adventure and take home the most beautiful memories. Let your days in Dubrovnik be filled with walks through the old city streets, tasting local specialties and swimming in the clear sea. The tourist offer here is at an enviable level, you will find numerous luxury accommodations and wellness facilities, events are organized throughout the year. You can enjoy classical music concerts or visit some of the top nightclubs. The possibilities are really numerous. 


It became world famous when it was chosen to be the main filming location of the popular series Game of Thrones. There was no need for large special scenographies or measures because Dubrovnik offers fascinating remnants of the past in which the shots of this mega popular series fit perfectly.

Here we will list a few sights that we think you should not miss if you find yourself in Dubrovnik.



The old town of Dubrovnik has been under UNESCO protection since 1979. Dubrovnik's city walls are the most famous attraction and attract guests from all over the world throughout the year.

It consists of several fortresses, bastions and towers. The most famous are: Minčeta Fortress, which is a symbol of Dubrovnik's defense and where the Croatian flag always flies.

The Revelin fortress is connected to the mainland by a stone and movable wooden bridge, while it is connected to the city by a fascinating stone bridge. The interior of the fortress as well as the terraces serve as a stage area and concert halls. 

The Lovrjenac fortress is located on a 37-meter high cliff and is a symbol of the freedom of Dubrovnik. NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO- Freedom is not sold for all the wealth in the world- the inscription above the entrance. Today, this fortress serves as a stage for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival - a festival of drama, music and dance performances accompanied by numerous exhibitions and events.

Dubrovnik City- Luxury Croatia Retreats (2)

Old city Dubrovnik


Stradun, the city's main street, is Dubrovnik's favorite promenade and main shopping street. Here you can find fountains, bell towers, palaces... Discover the beauty of numerous monuments of the past. Numerous museums will introduce you to the centuries-old tradition, customs and costumes of this region. 



Walks along the walls, charming shops and restaurants, narrow streets where laundry dries in the breeze, coffee in a small cafe, a cocktail on the beach... A visit to a festival... All that and more.



Not far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find wonderful attractions.

We suggest that you visit the Elaphite islands, of which the most famous and the only inhabited ones are  Koločep, Lopud  and Šipan.

The island of Lokrum - the island of lovers. Just 10 minutes from the city you will find this oasis of beauty. The rich history and the botanical garden are just some of the attractions of this place. There is a small lake on the island called the Dead Sea - it is connected to the open sea and is suitable for children and non-swimmers.


Above Dubrovnik rises the Srđ hill with its Imperial fortress, which played an important role in the defense of Dubrovnik during the Homeland War. This hill is a favorite position for photography because it offers a spectacular view of the city and the coast.

Twenty kilometers away from Dubrovnik is the town of Trsteno, known for its Arboretum. It was founded in 1948 and is widely known for its gardens and collections of exotic and Mediterranean plants. A walk under the canopy of ancient trees next to beautiful fountains sounds like a good idea. 


The green landscape of the Mediterranean, the blue depths of the Adriatic, the white rocks of the coast, the smell of plants and historic gardens, are just part of the heritage that is waiting for you to discover.


Dubrovnik - a living monument, a museum in itself. To this day, along with all the natural beauty it has been endowed with, it has managed to preserve all the Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque churches and palaces that tempt you to enjoy its rich heritage.


With the smell of the sea, bathed in the sun, head to the adventure called Dubrovnik.