Holidays in Croatia? What to eat?

Dear guests,

Planning to come on our beautiful coast. ? A diet is not possible when you arrive in Croatia. Try some of our specialties. You'll be surprised how diverse this small area has to offer.

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Let us present you a gastronomic offer that will satisfy the most demanding palates. We promise you a real feast of taste ... Wherever the road takes you, expect only the best of Mediterranean cuisine that has been mixed for centuries from Roman, Greek and Illyrian ways of cooking. Indulge in flavors that will take you on an exciting journey through history ...

In the past, tourism was a sightseeing of historical and cultural sights, natural beauties through national parks, swimming in the coastal area, but today, gastronomy is an important component of travel.

How better to get to know people and the landscape than through food ?! In every place and city you can find  some authentic  food. We have a specific offer precisely because of the centuries-old change of cultures and traditions in this area.

Let's embark on the gastronomic adventure of  our coast. We have created a menu of dishes that you should try during your stay.

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For starters, we suggest that you treat yourself to an aperitif with traditional herbs. As an appetizer, have salted sardines, Drniš prosciutto and maybe a little tuna pate on your plate.

The queen of the main course would be Dalmatian pasticada with gnocchi or maybe roast lamb, we can't decide ... Both dishes are delicious and will give you a unique sense of taste ... Or maybe grilled fish? With the sweetest vegetables that ripen in these parts. 

 And dessert ?? And here we are undecided - rožata or paradižot ?? Indulge in sweet pleasures …

Let's not forget, when choosing a wine, you can choose from several top varieties. From white wines - Bogdanuša, Pošip, Maraština ... From red wines - Postup, Dingač …

And finally- you can try dessert wine- Prošek, which is made from dried grapes.

These are our suggestions, when you arrive, look for a tavern or restaurant, you will not regret it. The friendly staff will always help you choose, and believe me, it's hard to go wrong ...
We wish you the warmest welcome to Croatia, a paradise for all true gourmets.