Dalmatian Hinterland

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Dalmatian Hinterland.

In today's central and part of northern Dalmatia, there is a undiscovered gem of the Croatian tourist offer. We are talking about Dalmatian Hinterland, an area of untouched nature and rich cultural heritage. The name Zagora means the concept behind the mountains - this is the continental part of Dalmatia that stretches for 150 km and it is separated from the coast by the Kozjak, Mosor, Dinara, Biokovo and Rilić mountain ranges. This shy beauty has just begun to reveal her charms and uniqueness to the world. Unspoiled natural beauty with a touch of tradition has been attracting more and more people from all over the world in recent years.
They all decide to spend their vacations in this part of the country, and the offer of luxury villas grows every year. The reason for this tourist boom is the proximity to the sea and peace and quiet for a perfect vacation.  Dare to walk  from the well-trodden path, adventure awaits you in hidden forests and mountain paths, rivers and lakes that will take your breath away. The cultural and artistic offer is rich and everyone will find something for themselves.

We have selected several destinations for you that we believe will meet all your expectations. Join us on a journey through the undiscovered beauties of this region. !


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the small town of Klis is just a 10-minute drive from Split. It is located between the Mosor and Kozjak mountains and has always represented the border between the coastal part and the hinterland.
Its main attraction is the medieval fortress ( built in a 9 th century), which is a symbol of resistance against the Turks. The fortress offers a spectacular view of the city of Split and its surroundings. The fortress gained its greatest popularity when it was chosen as a filming location for the popular series Game of Thrones. Fans from all over the world come to see where the most famous shots from the fictional city of Meereen were filmed. This location is most often associated with trips to Split (Diocletian's Palace) and the small town of Žrnovnica with its wonderful ambience by the river.
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The town of Sinj is located in the valley of the river Cetina, just 30 minutes by car from the center of Split. It is the center of this  region and is part of the Split- Dalmatia County. The mountains of Svilaja, Dinara and Kamešnica surround this city and with the clear river Cetina that mourns the fertile fields of Sinj define this city.
Sights, museums and galleries are only part of the rich cultural offer. The most famous Sinj attraction is the knightly game of Alka, which is held every first Sunday in August in honor of Our Lady of Sinj, who, according to legend, drove away the powerful Ottomans back in 1715.
For guests looking for an active and adrenaline- filled vacation, the offer is varied. Horse riding, fly fishing, paragliding, parachuting, paintball, bike paths, hiking, Quad adventure, canoe safari on Cetina, hunting, tennis - just choose something and have fun. After an exciting day, stop by a nearby restaurant and try the Sinj specialty - Sinj arambašiće, your palate will thank you.
The city of Sinj will welcome you at any time.


Get to know Imotski, a small town located at the crossroads of Dalmatian Zagora and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It would be a shame not to visit this historic town if you are on vacation on the Makarska Riviera. It is only half an hour's drive from the coast to Imotski, and you will surely be delighted by the natural beauty and phenomena - the Red and Blue Lakes. Crveno jezero is the deepest karst lake (287 meters) in Europe, which got its name from the red rocks that surround it.  Blue Lake is a favorite bathing spot and promenade of the local population as well as all guests. Sometimes in the summer, if there is a big drought, the lake can dry up and then the locals play football at the bottom. Topana fortress is located on the gorge above Blue Lake. In the summer, it hosts various cultural events, and guests are enchanted by the view from it.
Apart from them, there is a rich cultural heritage as well as a gastronomic offer. If you want to spend your vacation away from the city noise and in a wonderful natural environment, this is the ideal choice for you. Luxury villas are waiting for you!

luxury croatia retreats kninKnin

We invite you to get to know Knin, a city in Šibenik-Knin County. This is one of the oldest cities in Croatia as well as in Europe.
It has always held the title of the most famous Croatian capital.
Due to its turbulent past, the city is rich in cultural monuments, but the most famous is the Knin Fortress. This ancient fortress delights all its visitors with its mystery, beauty and untold stories of ancient times.
In addition to historical sights, the city also offers numerous natural beauties. The city is surrounded by nine mountains and lies on seven rivers. Dinara and Velebit offer a warm welcome to hiking lovers with well adopted trails, whether you are amateurs or professional climbers.
In this area are the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia. The river Krka, one of the most beautiful rivers, rises in the area of Knin and, like nowhere else in the world, below the waterfall of another river - Krčić.
Whether you decide on a one-day trip to Knin or choose one of the luxurious villas of this region for your summer vacation, we are sure that you will enjoy with all your senses.

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