Brač your perfect geteway


Lovrečina Bay 

The island of Brač is one of the oldest islands in Croatia , about 100 million years old.
Brač is one of the three largest islands in Croatia, located not far from the Dalmatian capital city called
Split, it is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic area.
One of the most famous features of the island of Brač is the Brač stone, which is known all over the
world. For example, from the white Brač marble through history built magnificent architectural works:
Diocletian's Palace in Split, White House in Washington, Parliament and
New Palace in Vienna. Parliament in Budapest, Governor's Palace in Trieste...
Through its further development of Brač in terms of tourism, the island has become known as the world's
most beautiful destination for summer vacation in Croatia. The island abounds in its natural beauty and
preserved history through architecture.
What can make this summer vacation on the island of Brač apart from the sun and the sea, is a number
of other activities offered by this summer destination. One of them is alsoparagliding from Vidova gora,
hiking trips to Dragon's cave and Blaca desert, sailing from bay to bay, swimming on the beaches of the
finest sand and pebbles. Holidays in luxury homes and tasting one of the famous Brač cheese, lamb
and fish, and their famous wines in one of the taverns.
During the summer time island of Brač is extremely popular in recent decades. One of the most famous
places on the island of Brač is Bol, which is popular by its most famous beach called "Zlatni rat".




Beach Zlatni Rat

Summer holidays on Brač are a real pleasure for all types of tourism in Croatia. If you want to spend
your summer on one of the most beautiful Croatian islands, Brač is your best choice. In recent years, the
island has turned in the direction of luxury tourism. During a summer time island can offer
accommodation in luxury villas . The villas are arranged according to the highest standards that meet all
guest requirements. The main content of the villa are private pools.
Our agency offers luxury villas with private pool, and villas suitable for families with small
children. When choosing where to go on summer vacation, then we always think about accommodation,
in that direction our agency will find what suits you best for dream vacation.
Villas such as  Villa Santa Lucia, ,Villa  Island Pearl , Villa Kruna etc...will provide you
with unforgettable and comfortable accommodation on the Croatian coast, the island of Brač.
Let our agency be the one to choose the best accommodation that suits your wishes, for an
unforgettable luxury holiday in Croatia.