Your luxury vacation in Šibenik

What can you expect?

Let's explore Šibenik together

Unforgettable adventure and vacation, that is the city of Šibenik. Walking through the old city alleys will take you back to a different period of time and give you so many beautiful memories.

Just like so many dalmatian cities in the past, Šibenik was under the occupation of the Ottomans which made people build great fortresses on the land and the sea. Today they are historical monuments you can visit daily. They are all higher above the ground so they are providing an amazing view of the old city walls and islands.

The most famous and visited one is the fortress of Saint Michael (Mihovil), 70 meters above the ground, specially renovated for its visitors. There are two tanks from the 15th century inside, today projecting a 3D map of Šibenik's history. There is also a summer stage inside the walls that offers a lot of educational, cultural, and music events. The other extremely interesting and meaningful fortress is the fortress of saint Nicolas (Nikola) placed in the sea channel called saint Anthony (Ante). It is a proud keeper of Šibenik and it takes about thirty minutes to get there by boat. It is one of two UNESCO-protected monuments in Šibenik. It has a hidden tunnel and a cave, exceptional vegetation, and a walking trail that provided land access. You can visit two more fortresses: the fortress Barone and the fortress of saint John (Ivan) that was used for filming an episode of the Game of Thrones.

The second UNESCO-protected monument is a great cathedral of saint Jakov that is placed in the center of the old town. It was built for more than a hundred years, entirely made of stone, with amazing 72 stone portraits of human heads. It was also a set for Game of Thrones- the famous city of Braavos.

Just a couple of kilometers from Šibenik (Dubrava) there is a famous Eagle center where you are given an opportunity to see those magnificant birds flying hight in the trees and always coming to the call of their owners. In the pleasant shade of the trees and the silence of the nature, organizers will introduce you to the birds and even demonstrate some tricks. If you are not affraid of the eagles, you can also participate in the demonstration.

Two national parks – Krka and Kornati make the natural beauty of Šibenik. You will be fascinated by the amazing Krka waterfalls, sound of crystal water running down, smell of numerous plants and the variaty of little animals. Beautiful meadows, swimmnig under the waterfalls, lunch at the restaurant, souvenir shop, old customs demonstrations… so many things to see and do in the park. National park Kornati, with a collection of almost 90 islands, is a mixture of grey rocky cliffs and the clear blue Adriatic sea. During the heavy weather, sailors find a shelter there.

You seek for activities and adrenaline?  You can go bungee jumping from the Šibenik's bridge, try paintball, go horse riding, mountain climbing, try zipline, windsurfing, swimming, diving, yoga or tennis.

For a complete relaxation and fun you can go to Šibenik's resorts Solaris and Obonjan. They are providing so many contents for children and adults and its aquapark will surely remain unforgettable.

There are some of the souvenirs from Šibenik you can not go home without. Famous traditional hat, bottun, old money/coins (bagatin), the red coral or maybe a bottle of top noch vine from the area of Šibenik. These are just couple of so many memories you can collect and bring home.

If you were not sure to book a villa near Sibenik, we hope that this text will encourage you to book your villa in this beautiful city today.